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Divergent by Veronica Roth

posted Jun 2, 2015, 7:45 PM by
This book is a energetic story about a young woman named Beatrice Prior. Not only was it an engaging story, it was also a book I could understand personally. As the story starts you are taken on a journey to an abnegation home were Beatrice, her older brother Caleb and her parents live. In a fraction were you can't look in a mirror because it is selfish you can understand why Beatrice feels like she doesn't fit in. As she and her brother are on there way to becoming adults they must take the test that can determine their future. But for Beatrice this is where the real story starts and the meaning divergent is taken to the next level. 
On the day where she can chose her life she places her trust in the rooftop jumping dauntless. Now in a new territory Beatrice changes her name to Tris. But her life isn't guaranteed as she must survive the initiates. With her worst fears and a bunch of friends many will think she will become fractionless. The story has multiple characters but if I was to name my Favorited it would have to be Tris and four or his real name Tobias. Tobias is the new dauntless initiates trainer. His nickname is four because he only has four fears ( the least anyone has ever had). Tobias is a muscular built man that many will find attractive especially in the book. In the story another big character is Eric. Eric is the dauntless leader, although he looks young that doesn't mean he's weak. Without spoiling the story let me tell you Eric isn't a good man. Written by New York times best seller Veronica Roth divergent will hook you on from the beginning and you won't put it down until the end. Divergent a major motion picture in 2014 is part of a series including insurgent, Alligence and four. The series is worth reading especially the first one. This is a well written novel your sure to enjoy.

By a Year 7 Student