Copyright Free - Audio Sites

By using creative commons audio sites, including music sites you will be adhering to copyright laws.  Another advantage is that some of the free downloading sites that contain pirated material also have viruses that can be imported to your device when you download.
If you are looking for music to use for a task have a look at:
Audiofarm :  An audio content site where owners can choose to share their files using Creative Commons licences.
Classic Cat : Downloadable copyright free classical music in mp3 format. Has music available from a number of well know classical composers such as Johann Sebastian Bach, Benjamin Britten, George Frideric Handel, Gustav Mahler and Igor Stravinsky.
Find Sounds :  Sound effects that can be downloaded. includes a large variety including doorbells, dogs, crying, rain, train whistling, just to name a few.
Free-Loops : Free downloadable looped sound bites.
Incompetech : A royalty free music sharing site. It has a range of music genres and moods.
Jamendo : A free and legal music downloading site that uses creative commons licences. The site states that it is the world's  biggest free music library.
Moby Gratis :  Chart topping musician, Moby, has made materials available to use by students and anyone in need of free music. It does require the creation of a login.
Musopen :  Copyright free music site for downloads and sheet music. It also has a rating system for the quality of the audio provided. It does require the creation of a free account.
Sound Bible :  Copyright free collection of sound effects. The site does contain user reviews to help you select from the vast range available.
Sound Transit : Free sound bites and sound effects. The site has a good search feature that allows you to search by keyword, country, artist or location.