How to Guides

Sometimes it can be a bit difficult to remember all the different ways to access all that the library can offer you. This how to page has been created to offer you a range of videos to watch. The videos cover a range of topics from how to use the library catalogue, accessing ebooks and database, plus a general walk through the library.

If you can't find what you are looking for please speak to any of the library staff or email Mrs Stalker-Booth.

Access                                                                             Searching                                                        E-Books

Accessing the Bibliography Scaffold                                                               Searching the Library Catalogue by Title                                   Reading Follett Shelf e-Books                                                                            

Accessing the Library Catalogue                                                                    Searching the Library Catalogue by Author                               Reading Wheelers e-Books

Accessing the Library Website                                                                       Searching the Library Catalogue by Subject

Accessing and Using the ANZRC database                                                   Searching the Library Catalogue by Keyword

                                                                                                                  Searching the Library Catalogue Using Universal Search

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