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Author-date In-text Citation

When you add a citation into an assessment task using an author-date style of referencing such as the Harvard system you need to include the following information in the sentence or paragraph:
  • Author's surname/family name or the name of the organisation responsible for the source if they are a company, government department etc
  • Year of publication
  • Page number where you found the information or paragraph number if there is no page number
The information can be included either at the beginning or the end of a sentence or paragraph. check with your teacher for their preferred method.
At the beginning it looks like:
Smith (2005) noted that X can occur when Y is present in the formula
At the end it looks like:
X can occur when Y is present in the formula (Smith, 2005).
You will then need to make sure that you list your source in your bibliography.
 Sources for more information about author-date in-text citation: