Research Process

There are a number of tools available to help you complete your research. One  tools is the Information Search Process.
The Information Search Process can be used by anyone and is based on more than twenty years of research into how children, young adults and adults undertake research themselves.The model was created by  Carol Kuhlthau.
When anybody undertakes research they go through a range of thoughts, feelings and emotions related to the research they carry out. Think about how you feel when you have an assessment task to complete, do you feel a little unsure at the start, happier or a little confused as you search and then satisfied with your finished task?  This model includes these thoughts, feelings and emotions. The model is not linear, you can move backwards and then forwards again through the stages as needed.
The information Search Process created by Carol Kuhlthau
In the Information Search Process there are seven steps:

a useful video from Clickview on online research

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