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This is the final stage of the information search process. The assessment stage is not just about the marking and feedback that your teacher provides to you, it's also about reflecting on your own work. On your assessment notification sheets there is a section that allows you to reflect on how you feel you went in completing the task and what you would like to improve for next time. If you treat this as an opportunity for honest self reflection, it helps your teacher to see where you made need some guidance, and for yourself how you can approach future assessment tasks to improve your own skills and knowledge. You can then use this reflection not just for the subject of the assessment, but across all of your subject areas, for example if you felt you rushed finishing your assessment task you may decide to use a timeline to help you plan when to have certain parts of future tasks completed, a skill that you apply to any assessment task.

When your teacher does mark and hand back the assessment task make sure to read the feedback provided as this will also help you improve your work in the future. 

By the end of the assessment stage you should have a felling of increased self awareness of how you did and what needs improvement.