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During the presentation stage you are bringing together all the information and knowledge that you have gained and presenting it in a manner that can show this learning. Sometimes your teachers will tell you the format of the presentation such as an essay, report, journal entries, website, short film, a speech or a finish product, are a few of the different presentation styles you may be asked to create. For some assessments you may be given a list to choose from and for others you may be allowed to choose for yourself how to present your finished assessment. No matter what the presentation format is make sure that you reread your assessment task notification to see that your present  format fits the criteria for the task. If you are unsure make sure to talk to your teacher about your presentation format ideas.

During the presentation stage you may feel either satisfied or disappointed, depending on the how the completed presentation meets your expectations of how you thought it would look or read. If it does not fully meet your expectations, and you have left yourself enough time to make adjustments, decide on what can be altered to improve the finished presentation. It has been found that students who have put effort into the earlier stages of the information search process are generally happier with their presentations of the information and knowledge they have gained.

The final stage is the Assessment stage.