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Selection is the second stage of the information search process. During this stage you start to research, at a surface level, the wider topic to help find basic information to confirm what you already know and to help decide on a more specific topic. During this stage you don't want to be doing deep research, you only want to be scratching the surface of the topic. 

Once you have done a little research you will have a better idea of what interests you, what you need to complete the assessment and information that is available. You will begin to have more of an idea about the area of the topic that you want to continue researching. At this stage you will also discuss with your teacher the areas that interest you to gain further clarification about the topic.

During this stage you may still feel a little uncertain but once your topic is decided on you will usually feel more positive. If you are still feeling uncertain diswcuss the topic further with your teacher. You need to feel happy about your topic before you can move onto the Exploration stage.