The Library Staff

The library staff love to help students and staff with any enquiries they have about the library, researching, ebooks and a range of other services provided by the library.
Library staff are avaliable from 8am to 4pm, Monday to Friday.

Mrs Bourne 
 Leader of Library and ELearning 
 Is located in the library. You can alsways find Mrs Bourne dashing around helping staff and students with
accessing great technology tools. Mrs Bourne helps look after the Tech Angels, a group of enthusiastic students who love
to help other students master IT skills. When not in the library Mrs Bourne can be found teaching IST to year 9 and 10 students.

Mrs Stalker-Booth 

Mrs Stalker-Booth loves reading and using technology. Mrs Stalker-Booth has a particular interest in helping students to complete research effectively.
Her favourite style of book to read is timeslip novels, but anything with a great story line will get her hooked.
The picture book format is a favourite of hers - picture books are for any age and Mrs Stalker-Booth loves talking about them.
One of Mrs Stalker-Booth's favourite sayings is "there's no such thing as a silly question", not surprising seeing as she loves helping people find information or a good book to read.

Mrs Harradine
Library Technician 

Mrs Harradine enjoys a challenge. Mrs Harradine is a great person to ask for help in finding non-fiction books as she gets them ready for the shelves. There isn't a non fiction 
book that comes into the library that doesn't pass through Mrs Harradine's hands. Mrs Harradine also looks after the magazines that come into the library that are helpful for your class
and assessment tasks. You will find Mrs Harradine sitting at the library counter in the afternoons or at other times in the library office.

Mrs Schimschal 
AV/Library Assistant
(Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)

Mrs Schimschal is a whizz when it comes to all the audio visual equipment held in the library, including the kits that you can borrow to film using an iPad. 
Mrs Schimschal knows the fiction colllection inside out as she gets all the fiction books ready for the shelves.
If you ever have trouble with a word document ask Mrs Schimschal for help as she is fantastic at knowing her way around word documents.

Ms Dallo 
Library Assistant: Digital Content
(Thursday, Friday)

Ms Dallo has joined the library team in 2015. Ms Dallo helps with resources list and putting the books aside for your assessment tasks. 
Ms Dallo has been cataloging both the fiction and non-fiction books for you, alongside Mrs Harradine and Mrs Schimschal. Ms Dallo is the person to see about anything digital including your iPad.

Mrs McCann
Bookroom Assistant

The friendly Mrs McCann can be found in the Bookroom that is located near the stairs to the integration space. If you ever need a textbook Mrs McCann is the person to see.
Even if you aren't sure of which textbooks you should have Mrs McCann is so fantastic she can find out for you. 
If you join the school knitting group Mrs McCann is one of the wonderful people that will help you with your knitting or to learn to knit.