Year 8 Handbook
Academic program, assessment procedures and policies

2024 Year 9 Subject Selection

Welcome to Year 9 at St Patrick’s College. You are about to commence a very exciting and challenging stage in your education. As the pathways ahead of you are varied, you are asked to make decisions about the one you choose for the next two years.

View the course information booklet that provides students in Year 8 and their parents/ carers with information about the curriculum offerings St Patrick’s College for Stage 5 (Years 9 and 10). 

Year 8 Assessment Policies and Procedures Handbook


Year 8 Assessment Calendar

This online assessment calendar is available in the TASS Student Cafe and TASS Parent Lounge

Assessment Planner

Use this document to visualise your formal assessment commitments. Include any milestones to help you break larger tasks into smaller tasks. Put this in a place for others in your family to see.

Special consideration

Illness and Misadventure Appeal Form

Requests for an extension because of illness, misadventure or family business must be made to the KLA Coordinator using the Illness and Misadventure Appeal form. Requests for extensions must be made as soon as possible after the need for such a request is realised.

ASAP Permission form

The aim of this program is to support students to achieve their full academic potential. It will commence in Week 1, -and will operate on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 3:15 to 4:30 throughout the term . 

Download and complete the permission note and return to Mr Stevens